God's Gofer

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God's Gofer
Did you ever hear the story of God’s Go’fer. You probably have, you just didn’t realize he was a go’fer. Do you know what a go’fer is? It's someone who goes “for this” and goes “for that”. God's go’fer was Noah. 
The lesson would go as follows: A three-fold screen is shown with Noah’s ark on one side and the animals on the other. The story is told of Noah’s faithfulness to God in building the ark. At the conclusion of the story, the screen is formed into a triangle. The performer then reaches inside and produces an eight-foot silk rainbow streamer. The rainbow reminds us that God is faithful in His promises to us. It is our assurance that we can depend on the Word of God. 

Set Includes: 
- One 8″ x 5″ tri-fold screen 
- Eight silk rainbow streamers 
- Step by step instructions

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