In His Hands - Silk Fight

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In His Hands - Silk Fight
The storyteller begins by showing a clear tin containing three silks. A small silk is removed from the box and a spectator is asked to sign his name across it. Next, a large Satan silk is removed from the clear tin and a large Jesus silk remains inside the tin. The tin is closed and given to an audience member to hold in plain view. The silk with the signature is placed inside the Satan silk and vanished. The spectator holding the clear tin is asked to pry open the tin and take the Jesus silk out. The story teller takes the Jesus silk and asks the spectator who signed the silk to reach inside the Jesus silk. Amazingly their signed silk reappears inside the Jesus silk! great lesson how nothing can separate us from Christ love for us.***This piece was inspired by Arlingtons Silk Flight*** 
Set Includes: 
- 1 clear tin
- One 18 inch Jesus silk 
- One 18 inch Satan silk
- Three 6 inch silks (colors may vary) 
- Step by step instructions and a special gimmick!

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