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Baffling Boomerangs

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Baffling Boomerangs
These wooden boomerangs make for an easy, self-working trick. Baffle the audience as the boomerangs shrink and grow. No setup, so Baffling Boomerangs can be performed over and over again. Set includes 1 red boomerang and 1 blue boomerang. Each near 12 inches long and made of the finest wood. Does come with an extra twist ending not available on any other boomerangs. A fun interactive lesson teaching that we can't just use our physical sight, sometimes our vision can trick us, so we must use something else. What is that? You will help the kids learn what else to use. Great Science Lesson and Optical Illusions with a little twist. 

Set Includes: 
- One red Baffling Boomerang 
- One blue Baffling Boomerang 
- Step by step instructions

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